Saturday, 13 September 2008

Brixton 1

Location: north-west corner junction Coldharbour Lane and Atlantic Road, Brixton SW9.

This smart and quite new looking bell bollard is just over the road from the Dog Star pub/club (and its nauseatingly self-satisfied staff). In the background is Atlantic Meat Market, where the meat is always a bit too red for me, and the yellow shutters protect The Weatherman Store, which caters to the sartorial needs of the area's Rastafarian community. They also sell some books - the brethren of Ras Tafari are very keen on the works of David Icke, apparently.

Note the cyclist blithely ignoring a red light. For pity's sake, how many more people have to die beneath the wheels of these maniacs before the police act? God, it makes me so angry.

Friday, 29 August 2008

South Circular

Location: south-east corner, junction Croxted Rd and Thurlow Park Road (South Circular) West Dulwich SE21.

Notes: My first blog post! This bell bollard is close to where I live.
Not sure what that crane's up to in the school there. Probably just looking around. I guess.